Sunday, 11 May 2014

Finale PrintMusic 2014 v820 Full Version free download

Finale PrintMusic 2014 v820 is the newest version of the same software .You can make your own composition with this useful tool and music application .This is full free of cost music utility .You can create and  change the music composition with latest fashion and design .This is very popular and more efficient software for the music composers and mixers .

With Finale PrintMusic it will be easy for you to learn music notation.

This application is the fast, easy way to bring your music to life with professional results.

Finale PrintMusic is perfect for songwriters, students, teachers, church musicians, and band leaders.

By using Finale PrintMusic, you can easily compose advanced musical sequences, by simulating various instruments.

Here are some key features of "Finale PrintMusic":
  1. Get started right away. The Setup Wizard configures key and time signatures, transpositions, pickup
  2. Easy Set-up:
  3. measures, and more - instantly. Want an engraved or handwritten look? Select a document style to personalize the appearance of your music.
  4. Easy Entry:
  5. PrintMusic lets you compose the way you want. Easily put notes on the page with these flexible options.
  6. Play your MIDI keyboard with a metronome and watch your music appear on screen in real time.
  7. Play a brass or woodwind instrument into a microphone using our exclusive MicNotator.
  8. Click notes into place with a mouse – and hear them as you do.
  9. Enter notes in step-time from your computer or MIDI keyboard.
  10. Scan your music with SmartScore Lite (included) and import MIDI and MusicXML files.
  11. Incredible Sound:
  12. Your compositions sound great with PrintMusic’s advanced playback features.
  13. Free Software Synthesizer with 128 instrument sounds and marching percussion sounds from Row-Loff.
  14. Human Playback™ to give your music nuance, as if performed by live musicians.
  15. Band-in-a-Box Auto-Harmonizing adds harmonies to your melodies.
  16. Save your music as an audio file to burn CDs or save on an iPod.
  17. Powerful mixer fine-tunes your playback.
  18. More:
  19. Print your score or parts - Finale® technology ensures world-class output.
  20. Unlimited number of lyric verses.
  21. Add dynamics, tempos, chord symbols, guitar fretboards and tablature, articulations, and more.
  22. QuickStart Videos show you how – on your computer screen.
  1. Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon, Intel i3 or AMD Athlon II X2 or above preferred
  2. CD-ROM drive
  3. Minimum 2GB RAM (4GB or more recommended for optional use of VST sounds: more RAM = more available sounds.)
  4. 235 MB hard drive space required for software and user manual
  • 30 days trial
What's New in This Release: 
  1. New file format. Designed to improve compatibility, the new format for documents created in PrintMusic helps you share your music more easily. Older documents are automatically converted when you open them, and you will be prompted to save the file in the new format. You can also export your document to the older format for use in Finale 2012 products (use MusicXML for earlier versions such as PrintMusic 2011). See File/Export/2012 Finale Notation File.
  2. Improved instrument handling with Score Manager. PrintMusic includes a new instrument paradigm that establishes a relationship between all attributes of score instruments, including staff attributes and sound assignments. As you add, remove, reorder, or change instruments, PrintMusic updates group brackets for instrument families automatically. Administer complete control over score instruments in one convenient, modeless window. Score Manager takes care of the details – controlling how your staves look and sound – so you don’t have t...
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