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Download Final Version Of Visual Studio 2012 free download

Free download software Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2012
. :: Final version of Visual Studio 2012, the most powerful software programming world. ::
Software, Visual Studio , developers of computer software developed by the software company Microsoft has produced. The main focus of this software, the first version that has the feature of IDE is that it is a program that allows application-independent, web sites, web applications or web services as the number of the Platform not supported by Microsoft. NET Framework (Of course, for all versions of Visual Studio 6) Platform, such as Microsoft Windows servers and workstations, PocketPC Smartphones and easily create a World Wide Web browsers are running. Among the features added in the latest version of Silverlight that can be offered is an advanced Web Application framework to develop web-based applications are. 
Visual Studio is a suite of programs that are very close together that Microsoft gave developers and applications programmers to force them to the development of platforms in a climate of programs to their Windows NET . Visual Studio can be used to write console applications, Windows services, Windows, mobile applications, ASP.NET applications and Web services with ASP.NET based on your choice of languages ​​such as C + +, C #, VB.NET, J # is used. What really can be done with Visual Studio? The number of applications for this software can be used to produce them, have been introduced. This software can be completely free from the Web site to download the Iranians get. 
Console applications: These applications run from the command line without graphical environment is used for application code to run some small tools or by other applications can be used. This command is executed on the command line. For example, Microsoft's DOS command line. 
Windows forms applications: For applications that use Windows. NET framework written. 
Windows services: Services are applications that run in the background on Windows. 
ASP.NET applications: ASP.NET is a powerful technology that can be used to design and build a dynamic web pages. 
ASP.NET web services: ASP.NET model of Web services provides the whole you can quickly and easily generate web services. 
Windows Mobile applications: which framework contains tools that are on the Pocket PC as well as on their cell phones that run Microsoft Smartphone platform will be implemented. 
MFC/ATL/Win32 applications: you can still traditional programs MFC, ATL or C + + programs using the Win32 build. This program is run. NET Framework does not require but can not take advantage of. Net framework also take interest. 
Visual Studio add-ins: You can use Visual Studio to build and add new functions to use Visual Studio. 
Other applications: Visual Studio project also includes the development of your applications, work with databases, create reports, etc. 
Screenshots of the software environment:
Guide Zip: 
Note that all the zip code on the site (in all sectors) is ir-dl.com words, if you type the correct password, and you are sure the Extract (remove files from the compressed mode) with similar errors CRC Error or Wrong Password and encounter to note that all files with rar extension of the Website (excluding some files that have been compressed to reduce the size of the profession) in the Recovery (Recovery) are relevant to operations, which means that you can restore files, download the episodes yet to recover, the procedure Repair (repair) is well known for the unique WinRAR software. To use the method, Repair, WinRAR software to open and select the desired files, and software in a high column, select the Repair option, a new window is opened in the current file (rar or zip) specifies Click on Browse and choose the path where the file is transferred to determine which repair. After rebuilding operations compressed to a predetermined route and visit the new file to Extract. Note that all file names fix with Rebuilt (reconstruction) starts. If the Repair method did not work repairing the file, the file downloaded is incomplete and needs to re-download the incomplete download, no download multi-gigabyte file a KB is also the result of a swing too quickly During the download (download especially at night), and Stop and Resume numerous. 
Installation procedures and crack software: 
1 - Download and install DAEMON Tools software. (Link to download the application content is placed at the end) 
2 - After installing the software, Visual.Studio.Ultimate.2012.ISO file using DAEMON Tools software running. 
3 - If the My Computer window and click on the new virtual disk is created, you can install the software. 
4 - Complete the application form does not need to crack. 
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download visual studio 2012 from here

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